Tube Clicker – Youtube Game On Silvergames, Kizi and Poki!

Tube Clicker is by any account a sort of social media simulator. First you begin by watching quick little “YouTube” type videos, generating views. Then you start to earn money with each view on your “channel”. You then spend that money on purchasing and upgrading “Autoviews”, which then help you build your monetary base more quickly.

From there the game starts to expand. You purchase “Facenote” ads for their imaginary social media site. This starts to build you another important resource, followers and subscribers.

Those subscribers build on your view totals and your monetary intake. Once you gain one hundred of them, you then get to pay for posts to “Photogram”, which then speeds up your acquisition of subscribers, views, and money even more quickly.

Each post gets more expensive, and you occasionally get to actually upgrade your “service” with these groups. The money in this game grows exponentially, but so do the costs.

Occasionally, you get to upload a new video to your “Tube Clicker” site, which then generates more views and money.

The graphics in this youtube related game are simple, yet there seems to be a significant lag already by the mid-stages of the game. The videos no longer play, and the money counter stops and starts. For as little as this game is really doing, there is no reason for such poor performance, especially within ten minutes of beginning my “career” as a “Tubeclicker” channel operator.

The concept of a social media marketing simulator might be a catchy one, but I’m not sure it really translates into any entertainment value. It could be good for young people trying to learn the basics of operating such a site, but it doesn’t really seem to be fun at all. By the time I got the 2000 subscribers necessary to open up the fourth app, “Fanpages”, I no longer had any interest in continuing with this game. And I really, really wanted to turn the sound off.

Enjoy Tube Clicker on Silvergames! :D