Trollface Launch 2

Experience Trollface Like Never Before
One of the most gleefully annoying memes on the internet takes center stage in this hilarious game. Join Trollface as he engages in some high flying toilet launching! Problem?

How it Works:
Trollface Launch 2 is controlled by the mouse. Aim Trollface and wait for maximum power. When the sweet spot is reached, left click to get a powerful shot. The higher Trollface is initially launched, the better!

As Trollface is hurtled through the air on the toilet, he will occasionally bump into “Likes” which serve as acceleration boosts. Use these wisely, and keep the troll in the air as long as possible. The toilet also has three flushes to keep Trollface airborne longer. The run is over when Trollface stops.

Earn Cash to Upgrade
Players start out controlling a naked Trollface on a lowly toilet. Upgrades are definitely in order! Rack up money to buy upgrades in the following categories:

  • Wheels:

Face it, toilets don’t roll very far. Problem? Yes! Buy wheels to keep your crapper rolling along longer.

  • Starters:

Even the best timed launch won’t get Trollface high enough to get bonuses for height. Starters give a huge upward boost!

  • Flush:

Give your toilet even more flushing power.

  • Accelerators:

These strange little creatures live inside the toilet, and they are just waiting to gain enough power to give a helpful boost. These are a must buy.

  • Aerodynamics:

Accessorize Trollface with items to make him travel through the air faster.

  • MaxPower:

Increase the power of your first launch with this upgrade.

  • Money x2:

Double the money!

  • Secret:

The crowning achievement in Trollface Launch 2 is purchasing the super secret upgrade. This upgrade costs $1,000,000. Good luck!

All of Your Favorite Hand Drawn Memes
Other popular memes can be found throughout this game. Have fun spotting some of your favorites!

Trollface Launch 2 is a fun game that’s both humorous and enjoyable to play. Flush on!

Trollface Launch 2