Tractor Trail 2: Simple tractor driving fun for lovers of racing games


Tractor Trail 2 is a game where you have to drive a tractor through a trail. Before starting, you can choose the color of your choice for your tractor. Once you’ve chosen your desired color, you start at level 1 and then progress to higher levels. In spite of being in level 1, it is quite challenging to pass. The reason why is because you need to pass high and deep hills. If you descend too rapidly onto another hill, the tractor will bounce over and eventually blow up once it gets really damaged. You will fail a few times before proceeding to the next level. On level 2, Tractor Trial 2 gets a bit harder. The hills are more steep and much higher increasing the chances of flipping over. In the middle of level 2, there is a small crate that you need to pass over and if you get stuck then you have no choice but to restart the game. As you advance into higher levels, passing obstacles is going to be much harder.

In terms of graphics, the game is 2D graphics and is very common to see 2D graphics in most online games. Realistic trees and forest mountains are seen in the background, which is completely fine. The sound of a tractor that is heard in the game is acceptable. Meanwhile the sound effect of explosion and wreckage is somehow clunky, which is common from any computer online game.

Game controls can’t be any simple enough, it is not complication at all. The main controls of the game is the up and down arrows. To accelerate the tractor, press the up arrow and to stop the tractor press the down arrow. You can also use the down arrow to slow down the speed when descending from the hill.

My overall critic is that game is made simple with simple game controls. However, as I mentioned before, playing the game is quite challenging and you might to try several times in order to pass to the next level.



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