Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) – FUNNY MOMENTS

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a fascinating new game from the developer, Landfall Games. The team from Landfall has created a battle ground where the object of the game is to play armies of men, waving their arms, against one another. Players use both skill and strategy as the teams try outsmart one another to be the victor of the match.

The game is user friends with 20 different levels to mater to the game while using varying levels of skill. The competition (1 vs 300) is exciting as you try to best your opponent while manipulating the men in your army as you try various weapons and methods of execution. As you move through the game there is also a sandbox mode as a bonus to this exciting and fast action battle simulation game. Cannons? Yes, I think I will. Catapult? Why not. So much attention has been paid to the details of this game and it shows.

Video: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator FUNNY MOMENTS

So far Landfall, the creators of the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, have made a version that is only available for Windows. A full game is scheduled for much anticipated release in 2017. Just sign up to receive the Alpha to this awesome new game with spectacular graphics and easy to play instructions. Win with your own personal well-thought out battle strategies. The authentic and true graphics to this game are definitely part of the attraction. New units and new levels keep the game exciting.

Players who have already logged their opinions of the new release use phrases like ‘cool’, ‘amazing’, and ‘fun’. Early players of the game appreciate the clarity and ease of playing the Alpha Totally Accurate Battle Simulator from their PCs. The only bad part about the entire game is it tends to be a little addicting. After you play it once you’ll want to play it again and again.