The Endless Truck Ride!

Endless Truck is a game for mobile devices in which a truck drives, endlessly no less, through ever-changing locales. The gameplay is tight and enjoyable, a driving-based platformer in which the user controls the jumping and vertical orientation of the car while it moves itself forward, plowing through the obstacles the player doesn’t manage to avoid and seemingly surviving anything, save for an off-wheels landing. The user collects gas cans to keep going, collects money to get upgrades between runs, and avoids blockades and bombs absolutely everywhere. The goal of the game is to get as high a score as possible, and a high score board is prominently displayed in the main menu.

Endless Truck  (smartphone version) is an arcade driving game to the core, with no regards for realistic vehicle physics that could bog down the simple and greatly fun gameplay. The jumping was my favorite part of Endless Truck, the cartoonish springiness to it made every jump a delight. I felt like my truck was a rabbit, bouncing along the track. In addition, the ease with which flips can be done is refreshingly fun in a trick driving game. The game is colorful and interesting to look at even besides the hot red truck; each run starts out on a beach before moving forward into deserts, plains and jungle backdrops to keep the ever-moving background interesting to the player. The 3D graphics fit the game nicely, and the angle that everything is presented at fits well to keep the player view while showing off those 3D models.

The upgrading is a fun feature as well, allowing you to perpetually improve your truck and therefore justify further runs on the randomly-generated track. Each run is unique and fun with unexpected challenges every few feet. It’s hard to get tired of this addicting gameplay when it’s so easy to pick up and start.

Endless Truck is a great distraction game, easy to pick up and play, and the simple upgrade systems doesn’t try to coax you into spending money, rather liberally handing it out to you at every turn, so that concerns about upgrades are never a problem. Endless Truck is about relaxing and having some fun. Another great feature of the game is that it can be played on a mobile browser without installing anything, unlike games in the app store that cost money, take up memory, and make you pay out-of-pocket for in-game currency.

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