Tangerine Tycoon: An idle clicker that has some varied gameplay and interesting options

February 2, 2015


The concept of Tangerine Tycoon is to produce as many tangerines as possible. The graphics are very basic and static although they are acceptable for games in this genre. You start with a single tangerine on the screen that you can click. Each click earns you another tangerine. You eventually get enough to plant a bush that automatically generates a small amount of tangerines each second.

You can buy multiple bushes to get tangerines faster. If you make enough, then you can buy the next unit in the sequence. This is a tangerine tree. You progress through larger and larger production units. Each unit costs ten times more than the previous one. The benefit is that units that are more expensive produce many more tangerines than the less expensive units do. Some units require taking action to unlock. One example is the tangerine cat. You can only access this unit by placing a cat in a tangerine machine. If you decide not to, then your next upgrade becomes very expensive.

There is actually much more to do in Tangerine Tycoon than in other idle clickers. You have eight screens beyond the main display. One screen allows you to invest in a virtual stock market by buying and selling tangerine themed products like lotions. Another screen lets you play double or nothing where you can double your current number of tangerines or lose them all. A visualization screen shows you visually just how many tangerines you have produced.

Some of the options in Tangerine Tycoon are designed to be used across multiple games. You can initiate a multiverse breach to unlock special perks that will improve your tangerine production in the next game. A breach ends you current game right away. Decisions you make in one game affect what happens in the next one.

Tangerine Tycoon does progress through a type of story. You can see the world population on your screen and the death rate for the world. You eventually start producing mutant tangerines that kill people. You need to take steps to mitigate the damage the mutants are doing before the entire world dies. You will discover many unique things and hidden achievements as you play the game. Tangerine Tycoon is a fun and interesting idle clicker with high replayability and some unique elements that keep you guessing about what is coming next.



If you are interested in playing this game, then what are you waiting for? Go here and enjoy Tangerine Tycoon!

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