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Magic Mahjong: All in all a classic board game with a fantasy theme

A game for mobile devices, Magic Mahjong brings fantasy to the world of this ancient board game. You play as a wizard tasked with clearing the tile board floating in front of you before time runs out. At your disposal is the power to rearrange the board and the power to automatically find and dispel a match. Above you sits the time, how many matches are available to you and your score. Should you fail to complete the board in time, you have to start over.


November 25, 2015

Flapping Crush: Pure gaming fun with lots of flappy birds

Flapping Crush is an odd twist on the tower defense genre of mobile games. You operate a pair of crushing pillars that are used to smash invading birds before said birds can peck away at the brick wall positioned behind your pillars. While the birds continue to spawn, it only takes one to make it past your crushing pillars and through an opening in the brick wall to end a round.

flapping-crush (more…)

November 9, 2015

Alien Chain: Stop the invasion and get rid of the evil visitors


Alien Chain is a game that uses a relatively unique mechanic to challenge players. The graphics are very basic with most things in the game being nothing more than geometric shapes and odd polygons without textures. The graphics are fine, however, since the game is really focused more on the movement of small objects. The high contrast of the graphics is an advantage in that area. The sound effects are adequate although they lack any punch. The background music is nice and sets an interesting mood for the game. (more…)

November 3, 2015

Trollface Quest 13: Yep, the silly troll strikes again

Trollface Quest 13 is the latest installment in this long series of unique games. Trollface Quest 13 is a game that really tries to tell jokes on each screen rather than present logical or traditional methods of gameplay. You are presented with the same hand-drawn graphics from the other titles in the series. These graphics are well done and use muted colors to relay a certain type of mood. You do get some looping music that fits the tone of the game perfectly. The sound effects on each level are minimal although they do a decent job of letting you know what is happening.



July 6, 2015

Spring Panda: Cute mobile game with a panda on springs


Spring Panda is a game for mobile devices such as Android, Apple iOS and Windows phone. The name sums it up quite succinctly. The main, and only, character is a panda equipped with springs on his feet. The springs are longer than Panda is tall, which gives him lots of bounce. Perched precariously on a vertical post that is only slightly larger in diameter than Panda himself, he is able to leap great distances in a single bound with very little effort. Landing is another story. (more…)

April 20, 2015

Make Them Fall: Simple game of skill that tests your reflexes as well as your ability to multitask


Make Them Fall is a game by Ketchapp Games, who also have developed the most played game in 2014, 2048. It is designed for iOS and other mobile devices and has very simple graphics. The simple graphics are actually a big benefit because you need to be able to identify threats fast while playing. There are basic sound effects and no background music. You do get to choose the difficulty of the game when first starting. The five settings available are normal, nightmare, hell, inferno and impossible. The difference between the settings is how many falling people you have to manage at once. The hardest level has six people on the screen at one time.

January 5, 2015


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