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Presidents vs Terrorists: Help Obama and his friends to kick out the cloaked ISIS member


Presidents vs Terrorists is a game where you play the world leader. The world leaders in the game are trying to get rid of the terrorists of the world, and you are just hoping that you can get rid of them somehow. (more…)

2 Comments January 22, 2016

Flappy Bird 2: Spin-Off Release Goes Vertical

Would you like to let the “Flappy Bird” fly which is internationally known, experiences issues in flying and has been in the news after the day it was published? Click on “START” button to commence the game. To disregard the deterrents use “LEFT-CLICK”. Every hindrance gains you one point. Begin to play immediately to set a record in PC either as you did in a cell phone. You can see game outcomes and records by checking the “SCORE” segment.

flappy-bird-2 (more…)

November 30, 2015

Stunt Master: Become one of Hollywood’s most popular stuntmen

Stunt Master is a game created by 2D Play that has hundreds of weekly players. They command a nameless stunt master who’s mission is to become famous by conquering the world of Hollywood action films with insane stunts. Throughout the game the player has to master different types of vehicles as they drive and crash through various film set levels.

stunt-master (more…)

June 29, 2015

Flight Game


Santa Claus is a pretty popular guy around the holidays. When it’s Christmas time, he’s receiving more mail than the President of the United States. Inspired by the heaps of mail Santa Claus receives around Christmas time, the “Flight”  game (designed by Krin Juangbhanich) gives you one objective only. This objective is to control and fly a letter shaped like a paper airplane from a little girl to the North Pole. Of course, there’s a reason why this particular letter needs to make it to the North Pole, and that’s simply because the little girl has wished only to see her mother again for Christmas. (more…)

January 11, 2011


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