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Cartoon Strike – Multiplayer Game

“Cartoon Strike” is a first-person multiplayer shooter. The game uses the popular graphics style of “Minecraft” to create a distinctive looking world. The graphics are a little rough around the edges. Some of the objects and terrain elements in the game appear as just broad areas of color making it difficult to distinguish what you are seeing at times. There is no music in the game. The sound effects are nothing special. You hear only the sounds of weapons firing. You do not hear calls from teammates or death noises to indicate what is happening within the match. (more…)

August 9, 2016

Pimpy Da Pimp: A funny game full of choices

Pimpy Da Pimp is unusual and a relatively new game, made available by Silvergames.com. The primitive graphics are simple, but interesting and effective enough to negotiate the player through this very graphic, sometimes obscene story line.

The basic idea is to help Pimpy Da Pimp make the best choices for career advancement. As you can imagine, the “opportunities” made available to such a colorful character are far from gentile — think OUTRAGEOUS.


November 4, 2014

Bad day at school? Don’t Whack Your Teacher

Although this game is called Don’t Whack Your Teacher, that is exactly what you want to do. This game is another in the series of Whack games where you are free to express your homicidal, rage-filled thoughts in a cyberworld where nobody really gets hurt. There are many ways to whack your teacher in this funny little game.

dont-whack-your-teacher (more…)

October 7, 2014

Radioactive Teddy Bear Zombies

Radioactive Teddy Bear Zombies

Radioactive Teddy Bear Zombies is yet another game from Adultswim.com. For those unfamiliar with Adult Swim, it is a popular block of adult cartoons on the Cartoon Network. The website offers dozens of free flash games that feature the same kind of irreverent humor that their cartoons showcase.

The theme of this game is about a town that becomes terrorized when nuclear waste turns stuffed animals at a toy factory into monsters. You play a young boy who is loaded to the teeth with weapons and on a mission to find his father, the town sheriff. (more…)

April 11, 2010

Polar Bear Payback

Polar Bear Payback, at Adult Swim, is an interesting little time waster. The basic premise is that you are a polar bear who has become enraged by the waste and destruction reigning over the planet, and you have decided that it’s time to go on a human killing spree. On the very first level, you are attacking a large group of baby seal clubbing people, including a level boss that is wearing a dead baby seal on his head! (more…)

March 19, 2010


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