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V8 Racing Champion: You’ve never seen aggressive racing like this


V8 Racing Champion is a game that you play when you want to race and push people all over the track at the same time. You know that you need to have a way to waste some time when you are sitting at the computer, but there are too many games that are just not exciting enough. (more…)

February 24, 2016

Parking in a Minefield of Cars

This game is probably one of the best flash games I have played all month. It brings to mind so many times I have had to drive around a parking lot full of cars that have had the worst possible parking job imaginable with one goal in mind. Find an open spot!


September 28, 2015

Turbo Dismount: Crazy destruction game that you must play

Turbo Dismount is a destruction game that puts you in control of nearly every aspect of each level.


The graphics are blocky and fun. They have good textures and colors so that you get the simulation feeling of the game. There is a musical score playing in the background of each level in the game. The animations and movements are all smoothly done. It is in true 3D allowing for a much wider range of viewing angles than some other titles. (more…)

August 10, 2015

London Rex: A prehistoric monster goes wild through Europe


You are put into the role of a rampaging dinosaur who wants to destroy an entire city in London Rex. The graphics are not bad in the game although some of the enemies and background images could be better. Your destructive actions are accompanied by a heavy guitar soundtrack that emphasizes the mayhem. Sound effects are relatively generic. They still convey a satisfying feeling every time you do something noteworthy. (more…)

April 27, 2015

Dream Car Evo: Is this the evolution of the Dream Car Racing game series?

The latest installment of Dream Car Racing comes in the form of Dream Car Recing Evo. This title is jam-packed with new features and tracks for those who just couldn’t get enough of the original game.



March 16, 2015

Traffic Talent


This is a fun little driving simulator game, and if you don’t mind that it’s written in Dutch, you’ll have a good time playing it. It seems like a simple game, but it’s tough keeping your car on the road, and there’s no room for errors.

October 28, 2014

3D La Supercars – Racing Game


3D La Supercars is a fast-paced web-based free  racing game that combines the heart-pounding action of street racing with the ability to customize your vehicle into a machine that fits your driving style. Races take place in one of four courses that pit the player in a three-dimensional course, where the object is to speed to the finish line past hordes of rival drivers that will do their best to put the player out of commission. Money for upgrades such as acceleration and handling can be collected on the track, and driving requires a delicate balance of speed and maneuvering past the other cars that will attempt to inflict damage on the player’s car and put it out of commission. (more…)

August 18, 2011

Sim Taxi


Sim Taxi is a thrilling and humorous free flash game that provides a Taxi simulation that seizes your attention and doesn’t let go easily. Sim Taxi provides you with a top-down view that is reminiscent of those early Grand Theft Auto games. You start parked next to the curb with a passenger-to-be waiting nearby. The passenger hops in and gives you directions, and the rate appears at the top of the screen. As time ticks, the rate decreases, so the faster you get there, the more you make. (more…)

September 28, 2010

Freeway Fury


As anyone who has ever played them knows, mindless little flash games can suck up way too much of a person’s time. “Freeway Fury” is no exception. Just log onto a site that has the game (it’s available on silvergames.com and newgrounds.com, among other gaming sites) and feel all your free time slip away as you play one of the simplest and most addictive new games on the Internet. (more…)

August 19, 2010

Drift Runners 2

drift runners 2

Drift Runners 2 is an addicting, fast paced racing game. You can drive ten different cars and naturally, each one is upgradeable. The game saves your progress which is a great feature because there are 50 tracks to play. Some are hidden and some are earned by achieving certain conditions like never hitting a wall. (more…)

1 Comment April 12, 2010


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