Sushi Cat the Honeymoon

Sushi Cat The Honeymoon

Sushi Cat the Honeymoon is a game developed by Joey Betz of Armor Games. The point of this highly colorful and fun game is to get Sushi Cat to eat as much yummy sushi as he possibly can. Sushi Cat eats his yummy sushi and begins to grow fatter and fatter as he eats more and more sushi along the way through his adventures.

As one first begins playing Sushi Cat the Honeymoon they will notice that it is a sunny day and Sushi Cat and his beloved are standing on the backside of a sailing ship that is whisking them away to their honeymoon destination. As they are sailing away contentedly in each other’s arms there is a commotion and then an explosion that busts out the wall to the kitchen. Sushi Cat figures if he can just jump down the pipe and he can use the girth of his body to block the offensive hole. However, when he reaches his destination he finds out that he is not that big cat he once thought he was fitting easily through the hole exposing the kitchen. Seeing that he is inadequate this is where and how are game begins.

Sushi Cat is loads of fun and full of belly laughs as you roll your way through every scrumptious level devouring every savory piece of sushi available. The game is fun for all ages and is highly addictive. This is not a game that will be easily put away once started.

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UPDATE: Sushi Cat 2