Sushi Cat

Set in an oriental fashion the game Sushi Cat brought to us by Armor Games is a challenge of skill and timing. In sushi cats adventure to get to the feline love of his life he has to eat his way through mounds of sushi to attain perfect roundness. Starting out as a small round kitty cat, you hold him gently by your chopsticks and drop him level by level through spinning wheels and floating arms bouncing your way to each piece of sushi.

Sushi Cat Game

The object is to fill his belly to the extreme to complete each of the fifteen different levels of play. Along the way you will get to experience the short but cute story line of the Sushi Cat. Through each level eat certain things like the Tornado Sushi to suck all of the surrounding sushi into your belly. Sushi cat doesn’t land on the ground, yet lands into different sushi buckets gaining him point modifiers along the way.

This is a very cute, yet challenging game sure to entertain anyone who has some time on their hands and wants to enjoy a blend of oriental music along with gaming entertainment. All in all game play through the levels offered a variety of unique challenges and fun.

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