Super Soccer Noggins are suuuuuper!!


Super Soccer Noggins is a fun sports game for anyone who needs to pass some time. At the first glance it reminds me of the popular Sports Heads games though. You can play for several cups, such as the “Le Croissant Cup”, the “Pinata Trophy”, the “Hei Tiki Taka Cup”, the “Golden Skull Cup”, the “Ruby Merman Cup” and the “Hellfire Trophy”.

The match-play format is 1 versus 1. You can choose the national team you want to play with as the game comes with a variety of power-ups for your sporty noggin, too. To control your player you will need the arrow keys for movement and jumps and X to strike the ball.

Each tournament will last 60 seconds. Right, you have one minute time left to defend your goal and score some goals. The better your result, the more more money you will gain to upgrade your soccer noggin.

Overall, Super Soccer Noggins is a fun game, but the gameplay is too slow for me.