Super Mario Crossover

April 29, 2010

Super Mario Crossover

Super Mario Crossover is brought to the world by Exploding Rabbit. The world owes this group a big thank you for combining the simple pleasures of Super Mario with some of Nintendo’s most classic characters.

Mario is great. Everyone loves the guy. However, he’s been stuck in his own world for too long. Super Mario Crossover gives Mario a chance to retire while some other Nintendo icons take over the controls. When you start the game, you’re given the opportunity to select a character from a list of characters that includes:

Link from The Legend of Zelda series
Mega Man (Wiki)
Samus from Metroid
Bill R from Contra

Mega Man

Mega Man

That’s where I stopped reading and selected Bill R. from Contra. The privilege of blasting a Goomba with Bill’s giant gun proved to be too much. Like I suspected, the fun of doing this during the first level of the game was the type of fun that people only dream of when they’re logged off the Internet. Before the Internet, such things weren’t possible.

Link Zelda

Link from The Legend of Zelda

Super Mario Crossover delivers on its promise to give you a pure version of the original Super Mario Bros. with a different hero at the helm. The hero brings his skills from his own game and can then use them in the world of Super Mario Bros. It’s interesting to see how the game changes when a gun is introduced. The jumping abilities of characters that can jump totally change the play-style, too. Bill R. brought superior jumping skills and a gun into the game. Goombas died quickly.

Crossover retains the simple joys of the original classic while adding new life to the game by letting you play with other classic characters that bring a whole new set of skills to fight off original enemies. This little Crossover is classic in its own form of entertainment. 

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