Super Drift 3D


Fans of classic arcade-style racing games will find a lot to love about Super Drift 3D, a new flash game that can be found on Flash games have been traditionally fairly simple, with simple graphics and uncomplicated controls. However, recently some very talented flash programmers have been creating surprisingly sophisticated games that play as well and look as good as any classic console or arcade games.

Super Drift 3D is proof of that with its sharp and surprisingly detailed 3D graphics and smooth, responsive controls. It obviously doesn’t have the same number of options, courses, or cars available to more sophisticated console or arcade games, but for a flash game that is meant as a time waster you really can’t find anything better.

The first thing that gamers will notice when they begin playing Super Drift 3D is its sharp and surprisingly detailed graphics. They are obviously not on par with the most popular games on X-Box 360 or Playstation 3, but for a flash game the graphics are excellent. They are 3D polygon graphics such as one might have seen in the previous generation of console game systems, and they are sharp enough to make out the road, the scenic backgrounds, and even nice touches like advertisements and signs on the side of the road. That is, players would be able to make them out if they weren’t whipping past them at breakneck speed. As a racing game, this game needs to be fast, and it absolutely does not disappoint. This game is every bit as fast as any of the more sophisticated console games on the market, a surprising feat for a simple flash game. The controls are also very smooth and responsive. The car is controlled with the arrow keys, and while controlling a racing game with a keyboard sounds awkward, it is actually surprisingly easy.

If I can find one fault with this game it is that it’s geared more toward the hardcore racing fans than it is casual gamers. Racing games have come a long way since the time when all it took to win a race is to drive as fast as possible and keep to the road. Racing games have gotten more and more sophisticated, and they often try to come as close as possible to imitating a real racing experience. In other words, drifting around corners and not smashing into a wall or losing too much speed takes a lot of skill and practice. Novice racers will find themselves crashing until they get the hang of drifting.

Then again, that is a relatively small gripe that can be applied to racing games of the current generation overall. Those who are familiar with racing games and who have a few minutes to kill will have plenty of fun with Super Drift 3D.