Stunt Master: Become one of Hollywood’s most popular stuntmen

Stunt Master is a game created by 2D Play that has hundreds of weekly players. They command a nameless stunt master who’s mission is to become famous by conquering the world of Hollywood action films with insane stunts. Throughout the game the player has to master different types of vehicles as they drive and crash through various film set levels.


There are 20 different levels that the player can enjoy. Each level is locked until the requirements are met on the previous stage. The controls of Stunt Master are simple, with the “Up Arrow Key” being used for acceleration and the “Space Key” being used for a jump, wheelie, or nitro, depending on whether the player’s character is running, riding a bike, or driving a car. If the “Up Arrow Key” is not being touched the vehicle does slow down, but it is not effective enough to be used for a braking system.

The Stunt Master starts with the selection of a character. The player can choose from a “Running Man” which is very slow and weak, a “Bike Bandit”, which is very fast but also very fragile, and a “Mustang Mayhem”, which is slow but strong. After the selection of one of the three characters the player is given a sweeping shot of the level that they have to complete. The whole game plays as though the player is being recorded for a movie, similar to the game’s namesake. The player can move onto the next stage by performing a stunt, surviving through the whole map, and landing past the final camera crew which signals the end of the level. The levels increase in difficulty, both in how the player has to survive and also in how the player completes the stunt.

There are different ways for the player to gain points. They earn more points by breaking objects, breaking their character’s bones, landing on the indicated target, and also going airborne. The more completed the higher the player’s score will be. Two awards can be achieved for each level and are shown to the player before they start. For example, one map may have the award “Flying Man” in which the player has to be airborne for more than 10 meters, and “Bone Breaker”, in which the player has to break every bone in their character’s body. Each map as a different combination, making the goal for each stage slightly unique.


Wanna be famous? Check out this game!