Online and App” is a multiplayer game that closely resembles many other ones in this particular genre. The graphics are nicely done. Everything flows smoothly on the screen without being jumpy or leaving visual artifacts behind. The colors are bright and fun for the snakes. The background is less impressive. It is just a dull grey honeycomb pattern repeated over and over again. A major issue is that there is no sound in the game at all. There are no sound effects to confirm you did something or music to create atmosphere. This can make the gameplay seems a little boring and dry at times.

You are put in the role of a snake in this game. You start as a small snake. Your goal is to start growing bigger and eventually rise to the top of the ranks. Your snake is moving forward at all times and you cannot stop it. You navigate using the mouse or the arrow keys. Your snake turns at a fairly good pace making it easy to control with a little practice. You can click to get a temporary burst of speed in one direction. The controls are surprisingly responsive although things can get out of control quickly if you are not careful.

The way that you start to grow your snake is by eating tiny spheres of light. The lights will gradually lengthen the body of the snake and make it wider. You need to eat a good amount of the lights before you notice any real difference. Other players who have been on the server for a longer time will often be much larger. Snakes can grow so large that they take up half the screen when passing by. You can eat other snakes if they are dying. There is no real way to attack. If you bump into a snake that is not dying, then your game is over.

Your progress in the game is marked by a leaderboard in the corner. It lists the largest ten snakes in the game. A drawback of this game is that there is not really any narrative. You just move around eating little lights. This can get boring especially since most other players will just ignore you in an attempt to grow their own snakes. It is still enjoyable if you end up in the right part of the map with the right players. “” is worth a try especially if you like these types of multiplayer games.

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