Sketch Star

Sketch Star

Sketch Star is a cartoon and animation program, similar to a scaled-down object-oriented-program. The user may select various objects from the Library, such as background scenes, sports objects, undersea objects, speech bubbles, and much more.  There is also a large selection of Puppets, which are Sketch Star’s version of characters. There are humans, an elf, an angel, a polar bear, a mummy and several other selections.

Sketch Star Bunny
Sketch Star - Easter Bunny

By placing the Puppets within a background scene, the user has begun to form a Sketch Star Cartoon. To add action to the scene, and thereby create an animation, the user selects a specific arm or limb of the Puppet, and a box opens up indicating several directions. The user chooses the direction, or simply drags the limb to the desired position.  Then, by selecting “copy to next,” that specific frame is saved. The user adds other motions to the Puppet, selecting “copy to next” after each change. Soon several frames are created, which when played in rapid succession become an animation.

sketch star love skating
Sketch Star - Love Skating

The user can also add text to their characters, and place the text inside a speech bubble. There is also an extensive collection of tools, consisting of paint brushes of varying sizes, a spray can, paint bucket and eraser, along with dozens of colors from which to choose. The user can render each object in any color or texture imaginable.

Sketch Star allows non-members to use the program, but keeps lots of special tools and exciting features locked – available only to paying members. Fees are $9.95 for one month, $24.95 for three months, and $39.95 for a six month membership.

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