Robot Wants Puppy

May 18, 2010

Robot Wants Puppy

Robot Wants Puppy is a surreal game to say the least.  A sequel to the game “Robot Wants Kitty“, this one now follows the adventure of the Robot and his Kitty as they travel through a large level in search of the titular Puppy.

Robot Wants Puppy Game

Robot Wants Puppy Game

The controls of Robot Wants Puppy are the same as the first game, except this time the Robot comes with the power-ups he had to earn in the first one, advancement this time is done through the Kitty’s acquisition of its own powers. The game can best be described as a platformer with plenty of puzzle elements. The game’s controls are solid, making the plat former parts more fun than mind numbingly frustrating, although some of the puzzles are increased in difficulty due to the sheer size of the area in the game. Instead of being divided into levels or chunks, the flash game is just one giant maze essentially; it requires both back tracking and a mind that is spatially aware to be successful.

Despite the humorous back story and nonsensical plot line, “Robot Wants Puppy” is most definitely a challenge, and one that should not be taken lightly. The extent of its challenge can be found in the penalty for dying, which is virtually nonexistent. Death is so frequent that the game developer felt that it was punishment enough for the player. But rest assured, despite death being a constant possibility in this world, there is something oddly uplifting about the world of Robot, Kitty, and Puppy.

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