Raze 2 Review


Have no fear – Raze 2 isn’t just another generic third person shooting flash game. Featuring two different campaign modes with a unique story for either campaign, players won’t get bored of this arena shooter for a while. Developed by JuiceTin on ArmorGames.com, each and every element of Raze 2 works together to create an overall elegant design. Each mission is merely a deathmatch type mode against bots, but the unique story and map for each mission makes up for the bland gameplay. For those of you who don’t care about the story, Quick Match will create a deathmatch with the specified map, amount of opponents, and othe level customization features.

You start off as a soldier in an elite task force, code named Raze. In year 2108, Earth was invaded by dangerous aliens. Nine years later, Raze is still at work defending Earth. On your first mission, you accompany J. Rockit, another member of Raze. He explains that the aliens have returned on planet Earth. This mission not only starts the story off, but it servers as a tutorial missions to new players. It didn’t take me long to become addicted to the action of Raze 2. Players can instantly unlock all missions from the menu, but this ruins the point of playing the campaign. You can also do the complete opposite and choose to reset all game data, giving you a brand new start.

The armory offers career stats, basic character customization, abilities, equipment, and more. You can buy new weapons to upgrade the default weapons and buy new equipment to help you out in the battlefield. Abilities act like skills in MMORPGs, allowing the player to customize their character to have certain abilities such as healing or invisibility. Right below the Armory menu is the Achievements menu. Players who gain achievements are rewarded with special modes to play and credits to use in the shop.

The campaign, quick match, armory, and achievements all combine together to make a high quality, third person shooter flash game. The beautiful graphics, audio, and elegant menu design makes this game a “must play” on my list. Props to JuiceTin for creating an awesome game and ArmorGames.com for publishing it.

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