Punch the Trump if you want to win a victory against The Donald


Punch the Trump is a free game that will provide a great deal of fun and entertainment to whomever chooses to play this game. This game has been called an “addictive” game that allows a person to get all their anxieties out of their system. The anxieties are released on to Donald Trump.

There is also a version of Punch the Trump that can easily be downloaded to Android. This unique game allows anyone who was annoyed at Donald Trump for what he spoke about at the recent 2016 elections has a chance to punch him in the face and ultimately shut him up.

Punch the Trump is a boxing game that allows the player to take on Mr Trump. The player has the opportunity to repeatedly punch Donald Trump right in the face and knock him down. However, it is important to remember to dodge any punches that Trump may direct at you.

Trumps comments and outlandish behavior during the presidential speech has many angry and upset with Donald Trump. Therefore this new game “Punch the Trump” provides the perfect outlet for those still enraged with Donald Trump.

The game begins with a person holding a welcome sign. Click play button and go at it. The game will make the player aware if he or she has thrown a light or heavy punch at Mr Trump. Throughout the entire game you will hear Donald’s voice with actual comments that many find quite annoying.

Always remember to be on your toes because Mr. Trump is able to fight back also. Punch the Trump is a game that is not only entertaining but it allows a person to alleviate stress and anxiety at the same time. Trump can easily make anyone angry. However, you finally have a way to fight back and possibly win against a very well known but not so well liked public figure.

This unique and downloadable game can easily be found at Silver Games.com. You could ultimately become the next champion. You could possibly win a victory against Donald Trump.