Popstar Dentist


Popstar Dentist is a cool, fun to play and free HTML5 game by MarketJS, that you can whether play on your smartphone or on PC / Mac. Overall, the game reminds a little bit of a dress-up app for kids, similar to paper doll applications that allow people to try different actions and accessoires on virtual models. The basic premise of the game is that the player is dentist in an office. The teeth of the virtual patients each have a unique set of problems that the player must fix. The popstar aspect of the game comes from the fact that all of the patients have a striking similarity to modern-day pop culture icons. Although the names are never stated, it is clear which celebrity each patient is intended to represent.
The main screen of the game is the inside of a dental office. A tray is at the bottom of the screen that contains all of the tools the player can use to perform different procedures. There is everything from a vacuum line to a drill. Using the tools is as simple as tapping on the device and moving it over a specific tooth. There are no time limits, no scores and no real measurements of success or failure within the game.

Players can choose from six different patients at the start of the game. The patient will immediately appear in the dental office with his or her mouth open wide. Each of the teeth in the mouth can have one or more different problems. These range from teeth that have to be pulled to teeth with holes in them. Each tool on the tray can fix one problem. Pulling a tooth brings up a menu where players can select the shape of the new tooth. Players are free to replace teeth or fix them to varying degrees until they look attractive. Players choose when the dental work is done.

The game allows players to decorate the scene when the dental work is completed. There are sticker-like icons that can be positioned on the celebrity or around the office. Players can also change the background to other locations like a Hollywood red carpet or a forest scene. The final step is to take a picture of the patient after the scene has been decorated. Players can save up to 12 pictures within the game. One of the main drawbacks of Popstar Dentist is that there are no instructions. Players have to figure out what to do through trial and error. Popstar Dentist is a fun distraction although it is really just an open-ended dress up game, which you can also play on your smartphone or tablet.

So if you just wanna have a little fun, you shouldn’t miss playing it. Try Popstar Dentist on your mobile, now!