Polar Bear Payback

Polar Bear Payback, at Adult Swim, is an interesting little time waster. The basic premise is that you are a polar bear who has become enraged by the waste and destruction reigning over the planet, and you have decided that it’s time to go on a human killing spree. On the very first level, you are attacking a large group of baby seal clubbing people, including a level boss that is wearing a dead baby seal on his head!

Polar Bear Payback Game
Polar Bear Payback Game

The game presents itself as an average left to right platformer. The animation style of Polar Bear Payback is a rather simplistic, cartoon style cell animation. Gameplay is fairly easy, with the ‘A’ key being a basic attack button, the ‘S’ key as a secondary ‘bite’ attack (which you can use to bite the heads off of your enemies, which refills your health bar), and the left, right, up, and down arrows controlling movement.

Also, quickly tapping the left or right arrow twice sends the polar bear into a ‘blitz’ attack, rampaging from one side of the screen to the other, killing everything in your path! There are many wooden boxes spread throughout the levels, with various power ups inside them (extra health, various weapons, speed, etc.). All you need to do to open these boxes is hit them with a basic attack.

This polar bear game, while fun, is quite simplistic. There were several times while I was playing that I would attack an enemy who was standing right in front of me, and nothing would happen – I chalk this up to the simplistic graphics style. Also, the level bosses are rather difficult to defeat, even at the earliest levels of the game. Other than these few quirks, the game is a lot of fun, and is a viable way to spend some time having fun online.

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