Pimpy Da Pimp: A funny game full of choices

Pimpy Da Pimp is unusual and a relatively new game, made available by Silvergames.com. The primitive graphics are simple, but interesting and effective enough to negotiate the player through this very graphic, sometimes obscene story line.

The basic idea is to help Pimpy Da Pimp make the best choices for career advancement. As you can imagine, the “opportunities” made available to such a colorful character are far from gentile — think OUTRAGEOUS.


While walking through a burned out city landscape, Pimpy encounters such characters as an unaware white boy cracker waiting at a bus stop, a puppy sitting on the sidewalk, a drug dealer, a hoe, a cop, even an extraterrestrial. Upon entering into each one of these situations, the player provides choices for Pimpy to take, such as, kill, hit, rob, etc.

Depending on which actions you direct Pimpy to take, as the player you have an active role in deciding Pimpy’s career path, ultimately determining his success as a Pimp. For example, when meeting the puppy, you want to direct Pimpy to hurt the pooch as opposed to petting him, in order to benefit this character’s professional career.

Mirroring a harsh, urban environment, the story line experience is extreme and very much R-rated, sprinkled with some X-rated material. Coupled with the backdrop of thumping, almost grating “music,” this game is not for anyone whose delicate sensibilities can be easily offended. Think “RAW” and you are not even close — “DISGUSTING” could be a better descriptor. The knuckle fists and karate chops, while intending to be violent, are classically amusing. The animation is not at all refined, but the throwback to earlier drawing techniques, believe it or not, actually enhances the Pimpy experience. Pimpy is rough, and so is the style of animation.

As with anyone’s career path, Pimpy’s job advancement occurs in stages, starting out slowly with not-so-major offenses (none of what he does is ever a minor offense). Culminating into a “career” of assault and battery, theft, violent sex, graduating to murder, Pimpy Da Pimp is one of those video games that you don’t want your mother to catch you playing.

This mostly mindless video game, while not very interesting, can be engaging and almost hypnotically addictive, mostly due to the pounding music, produced by Noisefarm.

The EXTRAs section (provided as some background information as to how this game was developed) is interesting, as it provides the artwork and story board, explaining and highlighting the conception of Pimpy’s story.



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