PC Defense


Addictive new game, PC Defense.

PC Defense is an addictive new game; it runs with the TD (Tower Defense) type of gameplay. Even though this genre has a large collection of games, this free game in particular manages to stand out from the crowd with its hilarity inducing gameplay, as you attempt to stop the evil viruses from infecting your computer by putting down your antivirus towers to stop them.

PC Defense features three different difficulties of game play; you must start on easy and unlock the others by beating them in order. However, while it does follow a standard rule set for TD type games, it does bring its own flavor to the table with some of its uniquely designed towers, functions, and powers you can activate while playing.

You can speed the game up or slow it down depending on preference. You can also start the next wave as soon as you finish the one you are fighting, thus skipping the countdown timer. It also features a scoring system which is connected to their online scoreboard, so you can compete with players from around the world for the number one spot.

If you cannot get enough while playing online in your web browser, you can download the game to your computer to continue playing wherever you are.

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