Papa’s Burgeria


Papa’s Burgeria – Ever wondered what it’s like to work in fast food?

With Papa’s Burgeria, you too can experience the joy of flipping burgers for picky customers.  If you’re bemused, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In the game’s beginning animation sequence, your selected player (lanky Marty or bubbly Rita) will open their mail and eagerly discover some sort of Willa Wonky inspired “Golden Ticket.” There’s intrigue! Excitement! They immediately run to the Burgeria to collect their prize… and wind up collecting a uniform instead.

This game is realistic already!

As an employee of Papa’s Burgeria, your workplace is divided into three parts. An the order station, you listen to customers and collect their orders on simple pictured tickets. You then take them to the till, moving the order to the grill station, where you begin flipping burgers. Each patty comes with a color-coded thermometer to determine its progress (customers can order their burgers well done, medium rare, etc) and you’re responsible for flipping them to make sure both sides cook equally. You can mouse over the patty for fluctuating percentages of how evenly both sides are grilling. The ideal, of course, is 50% – 50%.

Once you’ve cooked the patties, you mosey on over to the build station to create the actual burgers. You can check the customer’s ticket if you’ve forgotten the order in which they want the ingredients. (See? Picky, picky people.) Build the burger to your satisfaction using lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, onions, and condiments – just be careful where you squirt them, because you’re also judged on how off-center you land the spread. Aim for the middle for a perfect burger.

When the burger is complete, take it back to the customer at the order station and await their judgment. They’ll award you points out of a hundred based on the quality of the food and your performance at all three stations. The higher your score, the bigger your tip. Tips are collected at the end of a “day” and can be used to purchase upgrades for the Burgeria, like door chimes and heat lamps.

All in all, Papa’s Burgeria is a fun little game and an entertaining time waster. It’s not rocket science, but there’s a certain satisfaction in working hard to create the perfect burger. If you’ve ever found yourself burning with curiosity about what it’s like to work at Burger King, this is the game for you.

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