Offroader v5 – 3D Racing Game

Offroader V5 is a simple browser-based driving game by Paco Games. Players can choose from three courses (city, desert, and mixed), and half a dozen cars, including coupes, pickup trucks, and a bus. You control your car with the arrow keys, with the space bar functioning as your handbrake. The T key also allows you to go into slow motion if you’re trying to pull off a particularly cool drift. The game also offers several camera angles to watch the action, including from inside the car.

However, Offroader V5 doesn’t have any other game elements. There are no checkpoints, no timer, no objectives, no score, and no other racers — in fact, there are barely any other cars on the road with you. Your car can get damaged by hitting obstacles, but a tap of the R key fixes it up instantly. (Unfortunately, the obstacles are indestructible — even ramming a bus into a mailbox only damages the bus.)

So without any “game,” Offroader V5 is just a Zen experience of driving around your chosen track and seeing what you can do with your car. The cars handle fairly realistically for a browser game, and a little practice will have you pulling off drifts and bootlegger reverses with the ease of someone in a Vin Diesel movie. (I was unable to find any way to catch some air, though.)

You can change cars any time, but unfortunately you can’t change tracks without restarting the game. Worse, gameplay is occasionally interrupted by video ads. Watching an ad before the game starts is one thing, but having to stop mid-game to watch is unforgivable.

Offroader V5 feels more like the start of what could be a good game rather than an actual game itself. While taking your virtual car out for a spin is fun for a while, most gamers will probably find the experience wears thin and will go looking for more visceral thrills.