My Friend Pedro Arena: A game you can play without the need for a gaming system

In this cool game your friend Pedro is a helper and he will offer you tips and advice throughout your game time. In this game, your goal is to get as many points as possible while surviving your venture through the arena.


This game has distinct fighting environments such as the rooftop, stairwells and different rooms of the building. Your player can use a combination of acrobatics and guns to leap, jump and dive across the screen while shooting at the enemy and trying to reach the next level of play.

My Friend Pedro Arena has six levels, each one even more challenging than the next. You can save your spot in the game if you need to log off and do something else for a while. This allows you to come back and resume play from your most recent level.

The best part of this game is that it is challenging. Even if you are the type of person who tries every new game as it comes out or who spends a few hours each day playing computer games, you will find that this arena shooter is a challenge to all of your skills. The graphics in this game are also good, especially if you enjoy gore, blood and guts. The fast action shooting makes for quite a bloodbath once you get good at the game.

The My Friend Pedro Arena game would be better if it offered a multi-player mode. Currently, you can not be a part of a team or a gang in this game. Instead, you have to go it alone. If it were possible to be a part of a team in this game, it would add another entire level of complexity as you would be able to strategize and set up alliances with other players. My Friend Pedro Arena is a spin-off, which means there is not much new other than the rail gun and the change of scenery. However, the added grotesqueness each time you make your shot makes this spin-off well worthwhile for playing.




Go, play My Friend Pedro Arena now!