Moto Trial Fest 2


Moto Trial Fest 2 is a free flash-based game you can play at various free arcade websites online. The objective is to stay aboard your motorcycle while riding it across a variety of tricky landscapes. Riders start out riding across rolling, bouncing logs, up a sharp outcropping of rock, and sharply down the other side, where they will run smack into a rotten tree trunk which remains standing only so far as to block the path. Knock it down with the bike, and continue across.

How to play Moto Trial Fest 2? Controls are simple, with the spacebar providing the accelerator, and arrow keys maintaining balance and direction of travel. The game, however, is far from easy. Even at the start, you are liable to flip over backwards onto your head if you mishandle balance by pushing too far forward or too far backward with the arrow keys.

Rolling along, it is hard to maintain momentum and make it through the terrain. You may wind up in a dead stop at any point, and be forced to motor up again in an attempt to keep moving forward. Flop over, backward or forward, and you’ll not only wind up perched on your head, but you’ll also be forced to start all over again, being transported back to the starting point.

The landscape shows a curious assortment of plants and foliage, at some points appearing forest-like, and at others looking like deep jungle. Other-worldly, perhaps. The display is clean and versatile, showing a speedometer, an odometer, and a timer. At some arcades there is even an assortment of themes to choose from.

Moto Trial Fest 2 is an addictive free racing game.  When you open the game, you are instructed to pick a level. They are Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme. Having only played at the Easy level, one wonders how to manage the Extreme level! Within each level, however, are additional classes of difficulty, simply labeled Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5. Everyone starts on the Easy level, and must complete five sub-levels, Levels 1 through 5, in order to advance to Medium and beyond. Your score is kept for each level, with the score displayed on the entry screen, and on the game play screen you see your current score. You may also receive awards on the game play screen, including It’s a Start and others.

Moto Trial Fest 2 is captivatingly addictive. Call it challenging, or just call it hard to do, it can occupy hours of time if one allows it. It’s fun! Better yet, it’s free, brought to you by the wonderful people at Adobe and the many operators of free Internet arcades. Flash is a great animation platform, which brings action and interactivity to the Web. Players of Moto Trial Fest 2 benefit from this versatility, and will enjoy a rugged motocross ride across wild terrain.

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