Match 3 Adventure


Match 3 Adventure is a fun and exciting action game using strategic moves to kill off a variety of monsters before they can reach the player. In order to eliminate the enemy, the player must match three or more blocks of the same color in a row. Every match allows for an attack on the monsters. The more matches the player makes, the more damage occurs. Left click your mouse and swap blocks that are next to each other to change the colors for the match.

The Match 3 games are a generic type of video gaming where the player rearranges colored blocks in a playing field in order to match at least three blocks of identical color. Once matched, the tiles disappear from the playing area, and the player receives points. Rearrangement occurs when two tiles are switched at the same time. Some variations of the game limit the player to only one move before clearing the tiles, creating a more difficult challenge. If the move does not result in a match of three or more, the swap reverts itself.

While the Match 3 games are simple to learn, all these games incorporate some strategy that, in turn, provides a great deal of interest and intrigue among the casual gamers. When an area of tiles is cleared, the tiles from the row above take their place, and the empty row at the top of the screen is replaced with fresh tiles. The falling pieces that create new matches disappear, becoming points for the player. Again, they are replaced with new ones.

Match 3 games are catchy and continue to gain in popularity. The games promote pattern recognition skills since it is necessary that the player spot as many possible matches on the game grid as possible. The player can also strategically choose matches that can create chain-reaction matches and add bigger point totals.

With the little time commitment required to learn, as well as actually play the game, Match 3 games are perfect for the casual player. They are not difficult to master, nor do they require high levels of coordination — just a keyboard and the click of a mouse.

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