Manage your career to become the Multishop Tycoon in Cardial Town

Multishop Tycoon

Multishop Tycoon is an online Flash game from Maulidan Productions. It is a simulated adventure set in fictional Cardial Town, where the player can become a business tycoon by selling products and managing a company. The Flash graphics are simple and cute and depict a quaint settlement. Cardial Town features various areas that the player can explore such as the hill, market, school, beach and ship. There is also a Town Center where the player can take loans out of the bank and complete other transactions.

The first quest in Multishop Tycoon is to set up a simple stand to sell products. The currency of the game is gold, which is needed for the costs of running a business. Stands can be set up in different parts of town, but certain goods sell better in certain locations. For instance, vegetables are difficult to sell to the children at the school. At the end of each “day,” which is sped up so that it is over quickly, the player can evaluate whether they are gaining or losing revenue.

The player’s mission is to adjust the stand’s properties in order to achieve the most financial success. Prices that are too high won’t sell any goods, but prices too low won’t make any profit. Marketing is another way to attract more customers. Players can use gold to purchase advertisements for their stand. Ultimately, the player can open more stands and grow the business in this addicting business game.

Multishop Tycoon involves a bit of strategy, and figuring out the right formula to make a profit can take time. However, the game provides new players with a helpful tutorial about how to start a business, and the play is fairly intuitive and easy to learn. Multishop Tycoon is challenging enough that players will not become bored, but it is straightforward enough that they will not become discouraged.

While Multishop Tycoon is a fantasy, it forces players to learn economic skills about supply and demand. It is appropriate for all ages and has significant educational value while still being fun and addictive.

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