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March 30, 2011


As a game reviewer, it’s easy to get sick of starting new games. After all, think about it, the beginning of games are usually the most boring parts. Due to extended tutorials or the first levels being too easy or simple, most of the time the first 10 or 20 min. of playing a game is spent wishing that the game would get started already.

That’s why it was like a breath of fresh air when I was asked to review Mahjong Fun. There are a multitude of mahjong games already in existence and while Mahjong Fun doesn’t have anything particularly new to the mix, it is a simple game executed perfectly and most importantly, it’s an incredibly fun time waster.

Mahjong Fun, created by developer Obyo starts quickly and get you right into the meat of the gameplay. With incredibly well-designed tile graphics and fun sounds, the game is simple. Again, if you’ve ever played mahjong online, you’ll recognize this familiar tile matching solitaire game. That being said, this type of game has quite a few pitfalls that could fall into and Mahjong Fun avoids every single one of them. The developer clearly went out of their way in order to make the controls easy and fast, to perfect the placement of the tiles for an effective 3-D look it without obstructing any of the tiles in play from view and create a well thought out scoring system that will keep you coming back for more.

The scoring system adds points for each set of tiles removed and deducts five points for every second or so spent looking for a new match. I find myself playing several times to see how high my score could get. After playing a couple times, I started recognizing and remembering the tile patterns better at my score improved. If future versions of the game Institute an online leaderboard, it will keep my attention even longer. Also, a multiplayer mode where you could challenge other players online to solve the puzzle the fastest would be incredibly fun.

While not exceptionally complicated, Mahjong Fun achieves its goal of being both simple and fun while maintaining very high replayability. Like most extremely addictive games, it starts innocently before becoming a full-blown addiction. If you’re looking for a way to waste a few minutes or a whole day, Mahjong Fun may be exactly what you’re looking for.

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