Made in Mafia

Made In Mafia 

Made in Mafia is a side-scrolling driving game set in the gangland culture of the 1920s. The game has 12 stages set in San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, and New York. As play progresses, money is collected by shooting up enemy vehicles and by earning achievements. The money is spent to improve your vehicle’s speed, defense, and offensive capabilities. For such a simple game, there are a great number of achievements, for everything from collecting money, to restarting missions many times, to returning day after day.

The gameplay itself is very simple. The vehicle drives forward or backward, tilts, and can shoot forward or backward at enemies. The only thing the player controls is the vehicle’s motion and the direction of the shooter, or when bombs are thrown. Aiming and firing are automatic.

The graphics are fairly simple, but clearly illustrate the vehicles and backgrounds. The depiction of 1920 helicopters is amusing, and there’s quite a bit of detail in the exploded bits of vehicles. The graphics are not amazing, but standard fare for a side-scrolling flash game.

The game’s controls are simple, mostly because the gameplay is simple. There won’t be much confusion. There aren’t any turns to make, and the usual tactic is to go forward as quickly as possible, except during escort missions. Attacking is simply a matter of picking the right direction to fire.

The challenge of the game might be a bit overwhelming at times. There exists a normal or hardcore challenge mode for each level. Normal mode alone is difficult enough, requiring many restarts on a few levels, and persistent purchasing of all available upgrades to pass. Hardcore seems to be a purely masochistic choice. The final stages in New York take more luck and determination than skill to beat.

Made in Mafia’s music starts out fun and entertaining. Old jazz tunes are lively and energetic, and really set the mood for the time period. Unfortunately, there are only 2 short looping song tracks, the menu music, and the level play music. It gets old and stale after just a few levels. It would be a huge improvement to add a few more entertaining songs to the game.

The story is pretty simple and easy to follow. A young mob driver rises through the ranks of the mafia, to eventually take it over, of course. The writing isn’t very elaborate. There is just enough to get the basic point across. The real focus of this mafia game is the vehicle-exploding action.