Love Tester – The Best Love Calculator?

Love Tester from SilverGames is a fun, quick love calculating game for mobile devices. You simply enter in two names, and your love compatibility is calculated. These range from small percentages (24% when I played around with ‘Jimmy’ and ‘Hendrix’ yielding a response of “Your love is like a battlefield”, from my husband and my names resulting in, “74% – Go for it!”

When you open up the app, you’re greeted with an adorable tiger or fox hopping up and down. I’m a sucker for cute critters, so, of course, this is a huge plus for me. The animals you get along with the results vary depending on your outcome. “34% – You’re good friends… and maybe more?” is accompanied by one very annoyed and one very happy skunk. Another, lower score shows a devastated purple monster. Maybe it doesn’t affect gameplay too much, but it’s a bonus for anyone like me who has an affinity for the adorable.

After you start the game, there is a small disclaimer to “Keep in mind: This is just a game. Real love cannot be calculated.” It’s a nice reminder that while it’s a fun game to play, it is just that – a game. So while it is fun to poke around and see just how right (or wrong) the love calculator is, I wouldn’t make any relationship decisions based on the results.  It works by checking how compatible the two names you enter are. And while I couldn’t dig up just what algorithm SilverGame’s Love Tester uses, it’s typically a numeric algorithm. Don’t ask me how exactly all that works, it’s just a bit of interesting trivia I know!

It’s not hard to play, but it is easy to have fun with, and it’s definitely something that would be fun to use to tease friends or flirt with crushes. It’s not bogged down with tons of ads, and the few I did encounter allowed me to skip them after a mere 3 to 5 seconds. All in all, I would definitely play this again, especially when around my single friends or to tease my daughters.
It’s free, fun, and fast, and when it comes to simple games, you can’t ask for more. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys cute and easy to use apps.

ENJOY LOVE TESTER!  (mobile link)