Loo Hero: Battle with the power of toilets

December 2, 2014


Loo Hero is a side-scrolling action game that is a little different from what you are used to seeing. The game has a healthy sense of humor about things. You play the role of a knight who must save the kingdom. The story is that a monster has taken all of the toilet paper. For reasons that are not disclosed, you must defeat the creature and get all the toilet paper back. Your character decides to do this by riding on a standard toilet. The graphics are fun to look at. The music and sounds effects are appropriate for the game.

Your goal in Loo Hero is to make it through three different levels to reach the monster holding all the toilet paper. The levels become progressively harder and contain different enemies. Each level has a boss monster at the end. You play the game entirely through the mouse. Clicking on the screen and holding the button down makes your character advance. You can only move forward. You cannot jump or turn around. You do not have an attack button. Your character attacks by bumping into the monsters on the screen. This makes the game very simple to play.

Loo Hero requires you to hold the down the mouse button and plow through lines of enemies. You face only one at a time. The effectiveness of your attacks is determined by your upgrades. You can upgrade everything from your armor and sword to your health recovery rate and gold modifier. Better upgrades mean you can tear through the enemies faster. If you manage to kill a sequence of enemies with one hit each, then you rack up combo points that result in better rewards. You encounter a merchant regularly between waves of monsters where you can buy the upgrades.

Battling the bosses presents the real challenge in the game. You need to judiciously decide when to strike since each hit reduces your health. You and the boss both regenerate while not attacking. If you attack too frequently, then your character dies. Dying three times forces you to restart the level. You can repeat older levels to gain more money to buy upgrades if a particular boss is too difficult to kill. One issue with Loo Hero is that it requires little skill to play. You can get through the game quickly by just holding down the mouse button. Loo Hero is an entertaining game that deserves a look.



Play the game now! You won’t regret it!

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