Infectonator! World Dominator

Infectonator! World Dominator

All throughout the gaming world, zombies have always been seen as the thing that gets in the way and must be destroyed. Anyone who’s played Left 4 Dead or House of the Dead knows what it means to take those zombies down. Why not instead take control of the zombies and make them do your bidding?

If this sounds like your kind of idea, a game like Infectionator! World Dominator may be for you. Infectonator! was developed by Toge Productions and is a humorous take on games like Firefly or Chain Rxn. You start out in the small villages of Africa, hoping to infect small colonies.

The objective of Infectonator! World Dominator is simple: just wait for a large group of people, click to release the virus and let the fun begin. The zombies you create have a chance of turning other humans into zombies, making the chain reaction go even longer. As the villagers get killed, you collect the coins to make your zombies more powerful, buy bombs, or even expand the power of the virus you drop. Eventually, you will unlock special zombies that will come in useful as the people get tougher, such as ones to deal with special agents and heroes.


When you start a round, it will tell you an objective which is usually a fraction of the villagers. For example, in a city of 30 villagers, it might tell you to kill at least 20 to meet the objective. If you manage to annihilate the entire population, the city ends up destroyed, you get a bonus and unlock other countries where the challenge increases, as you continue to use your powerful zombies to take over all of humanity.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for some light-hearted humor, give Infectionator! World Dominator a shot. Who wouldn’t want to control a planet full of zombies?

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