Indestructo Tank 3


Indestructo Tank 3: Weird Wacky and Way too Addicting

Indestructo Tank 3 is hard to describe. It really falls somewhere between a puzzle and an action game. Them premise of it is down right hilarious. Your tank is a product of a drunken meeting of one of several indestructible objects and a bouncy ball. The controls are rather simply, just move with the arrow keys. Once it has charged, you can set off a explosion to send you skyward by pressing the up arrow. Your tank is unarmed, so your only method of defeating your enemies is to land on them and use their fiery and explosive end to propel you to the next target.

The challenging and addictive part of Indestructo Tank 3 is managing to attain slightly insane combo numbers. Hitting 99+ enemies without actually touching the ground is a feat of both skill and a hefty blessing of luck. As you kill more enemies, more of them appear. This just allows you to ramp the carnage up and up. The Adventure mode is slightly campy, but it is a flash game so that is part of the fun. What they manage do do for boss fights is pretty impressive given the simple controls. All in all Indestructo Tank 3 is a guaranteed time waster, but you won’t regret play it.

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