Hippolyta Game

With spear in hand and horse in tow, Hippolyta is a sidescrolling action game where a quick mind and even quicker reflexes are pitted against enemies who would like nothing more than to run you through! Simple in concept but devilishly difficult in execution, you must make your way through lines of weapon-wielding enemies to progress further.

Be careful! These enemies are looking to kill you before you kill them. Use the SPACEBAR to throw your spear, but be quick! Reaction time is the difference between you surviving or ending up a bloody mess. Along your way you will encounter more than just enemies. Using WASD, command your horse to jump over rocks and duck under branches – or suffer the consequences!

Hippolyta Screenshot
Hippolyta Screenshot

Hippolyta was developed by Evil-Dog and offers more than just static, side-scrolling action. The game itself is played out through an engaging storyline, giving you a sense of progress as you soldier on. If you’re seeking an extra challenge, the game’s “Survival” and “Pursuit” modes offer up intense gameplay where reflexes are king. Hippolyta’s multiplayer mode allows for two players to race it out in one of two modes: speed race and obstacle race. Challenge your friends to see who is the fastest in the land!

Whether you’re looking to rack up the highest score, complete the storyline, or unlock all achievements, Hippolyta is an engaging game that you can easily enjoy for two minutes or two hours.

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