Goodgame Farmer


Goodgame Farmer from Goodgame Studios is a new and gripping take on the farming simulation genre that has recently taken Flash gaming by storm. For the unfamiliar, your goal is to manage a virtual farm, but more importantly, you need to make it profitable. Players accomplish this by choosing the animals, crops, and trees, that they will tend to, and the various strategies that they will take.

Goodgame Big Farm is a multiplayer as well, so players can play against friends or the greater community. This adds a great deal of challenge since you’re not simply pitting yourself against the system. The community is constantly pushing success to new levels, and thus pushing you to keep up with the rest of the pack. Of course, there’s also the more benign social aspect of the community as well.

An area where Goodgame Farmer really distinguishes itself from other farm simulations is in the achievements system. Not only do you enjoy the gorgeous countryside and manage your virtual farm, you achieve various badges of honor, and those badges are visible to the rest of the community. The great thing about the achievements is that they have nothing to do with your overall success. Therefore, you can go after them whenever you please, and they offer a nice change of pace from the core game.

The core goal of Goodgame Farmer is to produce animals, crops, and trees, which will earn the best profit at market that season. Complicating issues is that animals have specific crops that you must tend just to feed them. Of course, the benefit is that animals provide a greater return on your investment than the crops and trees do. In addition, you’ll need to build structures that will improve production and you’ll also get to buy equipment ranging from wells to water pumps and horse plows to tractors.

The game may seem relatively simple at first, which is probably what the developers intended. However, that initial easy success will lead to the purchase of additional fields. More success equals more fields and soon you’ll have over a hundred. Once you start dealing with hundreds of fields that game is fast, fun, and quite challenging.

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