Gold Miner

Gold Miner

The object of Gold Miner is to grab objects in order to complete a money goal by the end of each level.

In each level, a player uses the down arrow to drop a swinging claw to pick out objects from within the ground. Smaller items are reeled up quickly. Large items take up more time but can have a greater payout. Objects can include gold, gems, rocks, or grab bags. As Gold Miner progresses, more lucrative objects become more difficult to get to and some unique items, such as underground animals, show up as obstacles.

Gold Miner Screenshot

If the player reaches the money goal in a level, the money can be used to purchase useful items such as dynamite or four-leafed clovers. These items can remove obstacles, increase speed and strength, or increase the value of particular objects. Remaining money carries over to be used toward the next level’s money goal.
If a player collects or destroys all objects in a particular level, or if the money goal is reached well within the time limit, the “exit level” button can be clicked to move to the next level. However, if the level ends before the money goal is reached, the game is over.

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