Galaxy Life – Best MMO of 2013

Galaxy Life is a fully feature massively multiplayer online game with a futuristic space theme. The game is a combination between real-time strategy and tower defense. One of the first things you will notice first is that Galaxy Life has a very polished look and feel unlike some other games. The graphics are bright, original and fun even if some of the units are a little small. The animations are enjoyable to watch, descriptive of what is happening and smooth. Galaxy Life has a fun soundtrack that is not overused even during combat. The sound effects are solid and help to make using the interface easier.

The story in Galaxy Life is that you are from a race of beings called Starlings. You are basically being chased by an evil race called Firebits. The goal is to fend off attacks from the Firebits and complete a series of missions in order to gain resources, experience and money. Most of the basic gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has played real-time strategy games in the past. You control small Starling units that can collect resources. You use these resources to construct buildings like storage banks, houses and training centers. You can then use those buildings to start constructing combat units like Starling marines, tanks and fighters. There are also defensive turrets that can help to repel attacks.

The game centers on resource management and combat. Resource management is similar to other strategy games. Constructing new units and buildings takes increasingly longer as the units become more powerful. It can take an hour or more to construct some buildings. Combat is simple and mostly hands-off. You deploy your units strategically and they run amok destroying everything in sight. They do perform well in combat and do not just wander off and ignore enemies. Combat is fun to watch in Galaxy Life.

The Galaxy Life universe is large and populated with many players and enemies. You start on a single planet. There are many other plants in your solar system. There are far more systems in the entire galaxy. You can expand and start building colonies on other planets. You can attack other planets as well. Players can form alliances to take down common enemies and conquer other colonies. A premium shop is available in the game with different items and packages to make combat and building easier. Galaxy Life is a fun and interesting game that is easy to learn.

Galaxy Life
Galaxy Life