G-Switch is a different type of flash game. There are no enemies to kill, bullets to dodge, or guns. The concept is simultaneously simple, challenging, and incredibly addictive. The object of the game is to simply guide your character, a running man, across the field of play. The trick to the game is that every time the character jumps gravity is reversed. Since there are many gaps in the runway knowing when to switch gravity is the key to winning the game. While the game play sounds simple, the courses are incredibly challenging and addictive.

Gravity Switch

The graphics for G-Switch are simple but effective. Most things from the running man to the back ground are various shades of blue, which for some reason seems to fit the theme perfectly. As the game progresses an incredible feeling of speed and urgency is created by the increasing speed at which the character must run. This feeling is heightened by the multiple layers of scrolling background which creates a feeling of even more speed.

G-Switch has a very effective sound track and sound effects. The music is very fast tempo and suits the frantic pace of the game very well. The sound effects are simple and understated which is appropriate for the game, and they don’t distract the players attention from the goal of completing the track. There are frequent save points which allow the character to restart the game at that point upon death, so that the player is not forced to begin all over again. This is a great feature as it allows the player to be challenged but not frustrated by endless repetition of already conquered areas.

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