Freefall Tournament is Awesome!

freefall tournament

Freefall tournament is a free futuristic war massiv multiplayer online game with 3D graphics.

To begin, you have to install a small Unity webplayer and sign up for an account. Both of those tasks are very quick and easy. Next, you have to choose your realm. Not only does this require located one that is not full, but you have to find one with low ping, to reduce your lag time. There are tabs labeled “Full Screen (F11)”, “PLAY!”, “Armory”, “Log Out” and “Settings”. Unfortunately, there is no tab for “Instructions” or “About the Game”. You can choose your player type under Armory, and you can see and change the basic game controls under Settings, but there is nothing to explain the goal of the game.

When Freefall Tournament starts, you are thrust into a bunker with your team and there is a flashing orb in front of you that says “Defend”. It is not clear what you are supposed to defend, but if your team is killed, you will be told that the other team as taken the base. The orb will then recommend you reclaim the base. When you enter the futuristic game, there are also hallways to either side in addition to the doorway in front of you. There are floating items sitting around in various places, including new weapons and extra health. There are also different colored flashing lights.

Your team is either gold or blue and your uniforms, you will realize, are also. You will be unable to enter areas with lines of the other color. Flashing arrows will propel you into the air if you jump on them. Game play is relatively straightforward once you get going, and if you are familiar with the genre, you won’t have a problem, but it would definitely be nice to have a little upfront explanation for those new to Freefall Tournament and game genre. There are plenty of things that could use just a quick run through from a tab, such as what the objectives are and how to use the various tools and areas. Since you respawn whenever you die and the order changes from defend to reclaim whenever you lose the base, it appears this may be the only level.

Freefall Tournament is cool! But, without any kind of tutorial, it is hard to know. It is also a little bit too quick and easy to kill and be killed.

Freefall Tournament is Awesome!


(via Shooting Games | Deutsche Version)