Explore the World of Blocks and Try Not to Die in KOGAMA WAR 4!

Arena shooters are a weird breed. While the genre was once well-represented on Flash sites, it’s died off a bit in favor of quasi-survival games. Kogama War 4, however, stays true to the spirit of these old games with a twist. Like in other Kogama games, you will not only be fighting against opponents, but you’ve got a gun that allows you to build voxel-based structures. It’s a perfect marriage of two popular genres in theory. What the game manages to do, though, is just a little less perfect. How much fun you have depends on which of the two genres you’re really looking forward to.

Once you’re in the game, you’ll get a quick taste of everything a given match has to offer. The controls in Kogama War 4 are basic and the weapons are archetypal enough that there’s not really a learning curve. You’ll be able to hang with the best in about five minutes of play, so from there it really becomes a race to get the best weapons and figure out a creative defense. It’s the kind of game that was a lot more prevalent years ago, now with a Minecraft-esque twist. It’s a good time, as long as you’re willing to put up with the shortcomings.

Shooters are generally known for having solid controls. It’s a major part of gameplay because no one wants to suffer a cheap death. Kogama War 4, however, does not have great controls. There’s no sense of weight to anything you do, so it takes a minute to adjust. The weapons are similarly weightless, giving you little feeling of difference between each choice. The biggest disappointment, though, is in the building aspect. While you absolutely can (and should) build things, you’re going to die to players who can sit back and snipe you while you put together your defensive structures.

Is Kogama War 4 good? That’s a matter of one’s tastes. If you’re looking for a frantic arena shooter that’s not going to ask much of your PC, then it’s a great game. If you’re looking for something tactical that involves building, you’re probably going to be disappointed. As it is, it’s fair to say that the game is decent as long as you don’t buy into everything the game claims. Have fun with the shooting and the quick respawns, but don’t waste too much time with anything else. As long as you concentrate on having fun, you’ll probably have a good time.