Exit Path

Exit Path

Exit Path is a jump and run platform game that while a little graphically challenged, is nonetheless fun. The object of the game is to escape the maze to earn your freedom. Each level is harder and you encounter new obstacles to overcome. The game is simple to control, using your arrows to run and jump.

At first you think that the game may actually be too simple. The first three levels can be completed in a few short minutes. However, once you enter the fourth level and continue trying to escape, you will find that you quickly start loosing the extra lives you have.

The game Exit Path can be played single or duo player. There are also different levels of difficulty that can be selected before entering the maze. Once in the maze you can collect a few objects to help you on your quest for freedom.

The game is very basic looking; a 2-D maze with a stick figure as your player. Don’t be fooled. Once you begin to play you will appreciate its simplistic look once you’ve tried to master its levels.

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