Everybody Edits


Everybody Edits – A game is supposed to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. In many ways, a game is like a movie. The beginning introduces the characters and sets up a situation where there is a problem that must be solved. The middle is about how the protagonist (or hero) will solve that problem. The end is related to how the hero saves the day and everyone lives happily ever after. But what if this concept was altered? What if you watched a movie or played a game where the future was never the same? Believe it or not, a game like this now exists.  It’s called Everybody Edits, and it can be found on Kongregate, Newgrounds, Silvergames and many more.

Everybody Edits falls into the ‘Action’ category – and for good reason. Imagining conquering a certain level of a game and losing on the next level. This is a normal situation in the gaming world, and most players will remember how to conquer the level they had conquered earlier. In Everybody Edits, this is not going to happen. It’s a lot more challenging. Since this is a multiplayer platform game where all players have an opportunity to change the landscape, it’s not likely that you will ever see the same exact scenery and challenges. Think of unending change, which leads to a never-ending challenge. Is it possible to defeat the game? Yes. But it’s going to take a lot more time and effort than most other free online games.

There is another aspect to Everybody Edits that makes it so interesting. As a player, you have an opportunity to be a builder or a destroyer. This basically comes down to whether you want to be a good boy or a bad guy. Helping other accomplish their goals and working as a team can be fun, but crushing the dreams of others can also be fun at times, especially after a rough day at work.

Another great part about Everybody Edits is that it’s extremely easy to play. All you need to know is that the arrow keys change direction and the space bar jumps. Everybody Edits is a highly addictive game – you have been warned!

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