Donkey Kong Returns!

Donkey Kong Returns has added an on site port of one of gaming histories all time classics. That is right folks Donkey Kong Returns brings back all the excitement joy and frustration of playing the original Donkey Kong. Millions of quarters made their way through coin slots just for the chance of saving the girl. Now players can enjoy the fun once more, and coin free. Controls are dead simple using only the space bar to jump, arrows keys for navigation, P for pause, and enter to start. and Playing as Mario the carpenter, players must navigate the nefarious structures and pit falls that the great angry ape Donkey Kong has set before you.

Donkey Kong Returns! is a classic game with a classic story that never grows old. Mario meets girl, girl gets kidnapped by an enormous ape, and must make things right! Avoid barrels, burning oil, and traverse across perilous conveyor belts, and flaming oil cans. Or wield the hammer and smash all of the obstacles before you. Just as players make it to the top in the hopes of liberating their female love interest, the ape takes notice. He snatches the girl and gets ahead of you just enough to make your life difficult.

Donkey Kong Returns has three levels of varying difficulty asking players “how high can they go?” This is where we start to notice subtle differences to the original. The port was developed by the comedic minds at Interesting references pop up as players make their way higher and higher through Donkey Kong’s tower of terror( Four levels in all.) Whether your doing the right things to beat the game, falling into an oil can; bonus points are handed out left and right. Falling from great heights gets a “daredevil bonus”. Running into Donkey Kong is a “Get Donkey Kong” bonus. A counter at the top of the screen keeps players up to date on how many barrels they have hopped, and how many things they have smashed. Little easter eggs that this version has make it a real treat for seasoned veterans of Donkey Kong, and even new players. Get ready to watch minutes turn to hours as you become addicted to “Donkey Kong Returns.”

Donkey Kong Returns! and has him.

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