Demonrift TD

October 10, 2011


For those who enjoy Flash games, few can compare in quality to Demonrift TD.  Demonrift TD is a free online game that combines elements of both tower defense and turn-based strategy into a captivating and incredibly enjoyable gaming experience.

Demonrift TD is based in the fictional kingdom of Emaeron. Following the death of King Imkael, chaos has overwhelmed the land, and a demonic surge of creatures is threatening the safety and well-being of all that are left living. Players must take the role of Baroness Milena and command the kingdom’s remaining troops to defeat the demon armies and rescue the kingdom from destruction.

The main reason that Demonrift TD is so enjoyable is due to its style reminiscent of a tower defense game. In tower defense games, each level involves waves of enemy units rushing across the map towards one’s base, and players must use strategy and timing to create and place the optimal units to defeat the enemy and protect the allied base. This genre has become incredibly popular amongst millions of video game players and is the main genre of game that Demonrift TD belongs to. In Demonrift TD, players initially can place down archers and swordsman to counter the incoming troops, and then can decide to place down additional units at other locations or upgrade the units they currently have. As players level up, more types of units become available, each of which is only effective if positioned correctly and used against the correct enemy unit.

Along with belonging to the tower defense genre, Demonrift TD also incorporates elements of a turn-based strategy game. In between levels, a map of the kingdom is displayed, and players must choose where to move their troops and which battles to engage in. This additional aspect of the game is a significant advantage that many tower defense games do not possess, making Demonrift TD significantly more enjoyable than many of the other games of this type.

Overall, few tower defense games can compare in value to Demonrift TD. For those who enjoy Flash games and wish to experience the best of the tower defense genre, look no further than Demonrift TD.

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