Death Dice Overdose: Can you survive this feast?

Death Dice Overdose is an interesting action game that combines several different gameplay mechanics into a salient bundle that can be fun. The graphics are really hit or miss in this title. The main character is a simple stick figure made from pixelated lines and solid fill colors. Alternately, the backgrounds, enemies and other features are all very smooth and professional looking. The animations are very smooth as well. The music that plays in the background is lighthearted and does give a sense of urgency to what you are doing. The sound effects are fine although they are a little abstract.


Death Dice Overdose is a jumble of concepts. It relies heavily on psychedelic and nonsensical themes. The story is that the gods are gambling with your life. They are doing this by throwing dice down at you from the sky. You need to dodge those dice as much as possible. All of the gameplay action takes place on one static screen that does not scroll. You are sometimes presented with bright colors, spinning backgrounds and other animations that would be at home in a wild hallucination. Fortunately, most of those animations do not harm your character in any way.

You use the arrow keys to run right and left. You jump with the up arrow. The controls are implemented smoothly and your character responds fast. Hit detection in the game is very good allowing you to strategize during all the action. You basically just have to run back and forth dodging the dice and other items falling from the sky. You get points whenever you dodge one. Special death dice fall occasionally and will spawn a unique challenge to avoid like a tornado.

The interesting game mechanic that was added to Death Dice Overdose is a shock gauge. The mere sight of dice falling from the sky causes shock. Your gauge fills up slowly as you play. If it fills up completely, then you die. The way around this is to collect the pills that appear randomly on the screen. They lower your shock gauge. If you take too many, then you can go into the real overdose mode where the psychedelic animations start.

This is really an endurance game. Your goal is to get the highest score possible by surviving. This can be hard since one hit kills you and restarts the game. There are not really any drawbacks to this game save the odd and disparate collection of themes. Death Dice Overdose is a fun game to play that presents unique challenges.



Curious? You can play Death Dice Overdose here.