Cartoon Strike – Multiplayer Game

“Cartoon Strike” is a first-person multiplayer shooter. The game uses the popular graphics style of “Minecraft” to create a distinctive looking world. The graphics are a little rough around the edges. Some of the objects and terrain elements in the game appear as just broad areas of color making it difficult to distinguish what you are seeing at times. There is no music in the game. The sound effects are nothing special. You hear only the sounds of weapons firing. You do not hear calls from teammates or death noises to indicate what is happening within the match.

The initial game setup is very simple. You do not need to make an online account or create a password. You can just enter a name and jump right into a match. You get to choose a server based on your location to help reduce latency issues. Everything in “Cartoon Strike” is match-based. The two sides are known as the militia and the terrorists. You can choose from four different characters just before entering a match. The characters are all the same making your choose purely cosmetic. A few different maps are available. Most rooms on the servers play team deathmatch mode. You will find around a hundred players on the servers depending on the time of day.

Gameplay in “Cartoon Strike” is very straightforward. It will be familiar to anyone who has played a first-person shooter before. Your goal is to help your team score the most kills in many cases. You can carry three different weapons or items. You must strategically move around the map picking off opponents before you are killed. The game includes a buy menu at the start of each match. You can earn money within the game to purchase upgraded weapons through the menu. Matches typically last around 10 to 15 minutes making the game easily accessible to anyone.

A problem with “Cartoon Strike” is the performance. The game can sometimes slow down significantly leaving you looking at a frozen screen. The lag during certain matches can also be an issue at times. The game does not really add anything new to the genre. The graphics style has been used in a number of other first-person multiplayer shooter titles. The gameplay is generic although it can still be fun at times. There are no stats, rankings or skills to advance. “Cartoon Strike” is still a solid game that will be fun for anyone who enjoys a basic first-person shooter.

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